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For Peace Equity and Progress

Encouragement of the full development of the political, cultural, social and economic potentials of Nigerian and creation of opportunities for empowerment with the access to information for the sustenance of democracy  

The development of the Nigerian youth through the establishment and sustenance of social, cultural and sporting activities


We Have The  Best Paths From A Better And Prosperous Nigeria

Our Party Visions

We Are Stronger Together

We Will Win The Elections

It time we take back our country, we stand united. We move to our giant nature.

Security of Life and Food

Review the strength and capability of the Armed Forces from time to time in the light of prevailing local and international circumstances.


An NNPP Government will ensure balanced exploitation and harnessing of all the nation's energy resources, as well as guarantee the availability of adequate, cheap and steady energy supply for national development.

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It time you get involved in the decision making and growth of your country

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